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If you've come to read what I write, this is right where you want to be. 

Let's jump right in. (Or care to look at some copywriting? How about some prose? That's cool, too.)

How about a sampler of my article writing? Here are some links that might interest you.  

BOOKWATCH: The Official Publication of the National Book Development Board
FEIST Magazine (An LGBTQ+ publication)

"Blue Burns Cooler for Longer". A movie review of the French graphic-novel turned film "Blue Is the Warmest Color".  pgs. 27-30.


"Why The #MeToo Movement Matters". An introspective look at the origins of the hashtag, and why this is relevant to men, too.  

"Kink of the Week: How to Make Her Squirt" includes, a slow, sexy way to get her in the mood, and three rewarding techniques to make her gush with delight

These Playboy Odds and Ends feature recommendations in fashion, as well as an article on kinky sex toys perfect for your naughty Kris Kringle. Published September to December of 2016.

Social News Daily

"5 Coolest Cameos in Comics" -- This listicle charts the likes of Tim Gunn, Barack Obama, and more in superhero crossovers that will have you cheering. 

"So Bernie Sanders Now Has an Ice Cream Flavor" -- Ben & Jerry's creates a sweet treat in honor of this feisty Democrat. "Open joyfully"; best shared with a friend. 

"Twitter Wants to Find the Guy Whose Fiancee is Cheating On" -- never underestimate the power of social media sleuthing. 

Architect Your Life

"Life Lessons From the Great Vantablack Feud" focuses on the best takeaways from Stuart Semple's art, attitude, and emotional aptitude through making art accessible for everyone. 

"The Virtues of Tactile Hobbies" casts a gentle spotlight on the meditative qualities of working with your hands and going analog in an increasingly digital environment. 

"Is the Buffet Boom Keeping Us Well-Fed, or Are We Just About Fed Up?" casts a scrutinizing gaze on Manila's buffet boom, and how this changes our perspectives and attitudes around food. 

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