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Photograph by Dar San Agustin

Born just three years before the EDSA Revolution,

Jonette grew up in the atmosphere of optimism and hope that followed immediately after. This translated into a love of the humanities and the arts, particularly in the area of storytelling. Jonette tells her stories through art, literature, stage, and digital media, often mixing and matching various media to make her stories hit home, hit hard, and hit at the heart of the matter. To this end, she constantly hones her craft and is not afraid to explore new media for the sake of her stories. Her stories reach out to and resonate with a wide variety of audiences, but the audience she is fondest of are children. She has spent much of her time cultivating the love of art and artistry in young children and delights in seeing their eyes light up when their inner artist stirs and awakens. Jonette is also a trusted mentor to her many proteges, a good number of whom have worked with her for several years. She is also active in the building of communities, the most prominent of which is Komiket, the advocate of the local independent comic book creators of the Philippines. Her work with communities has made her especially adept at spotting talents and connecting people with each other. Once again, she does this through her masterful storytelling. So, if you are out to build community through art and education, you will do well to have Jonette on your team.

-- Adrian Matinez*

* The Beloved, who has by no means been coerced or is under the influence of delicious cake and snorggles. Nope. Not one bit.

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